SOLO SIXSTRING REVIVAL- The Song, The Voice, The Guitar

SOLO SIXSTRING is his name and Revival is his game.

Pssst, you may or may not have heard that there's a gospel side to SOLO SIXSTRING. Yep, that would be Solo Sixstring Revival.  If Elvis, Johnny Cash, Dolly, etc. can make gospel albums, so can Solo Sixstring.  Solo Sixstring Revival is 100% all original gospel tunes that were written/recorded/performed by SOLO SIXSTRING.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, SOLO SIXSTRING, brings a whole new experience to Gospel (good news) music.  He pens powerful and profound lyrics that are positive and inspiring with a focus on faith, family, and life.  They are backed by a driving guitar and strong vocals with a style that is all his own.   He's always had a passion for songwriting and his musical interests are diverse which is evident when you listen to his songs.  No two sound alike.  He has his own unique blend of gospel (good news) which encompasses all styles of Christian music as well as inspirational country and crosses over into whatever else he is so moved to create as long as it is family friendly.  The songs he writes will have you laughing, clapping, crying, foot stomping, and dancing with your hands raised high.  

He resides in Northeast Ohio where he previousy served as worship leader to many long term care facilities.  He is a strong advocate for the Sonshine Society which is an organization devoted to the nursing home ministry.   He is an active participant in The Gatlinburg Songwriter's Festival.  He has also participated in the Smoky Mountains Songwriter's Festival. He is a former member of the Knoxville Songwriting Association.

Revival starts within each and every one of us.  It then spreads to our marriages, families, friends, coworkers, communities, churches, etc.  Let the revival begin with you.

There is Hope for ALL of humanity's greatest struggles.  And that Hope has a name.  He is JESUS!!!






1st CD, will be available at all performances.  Buying one today, you're helping fund my 2nd CD tomorrow.  Listen to snippets from the album here by clicking on the "listen now link" at the top of the page.   Get your copy now before they're gone.

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